How can I access the members-only video comment? | YouTube ($5,000)

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to the victim video. (members-only video)


"Join this channel from your computer or Android app to get access to members-only content like this video."

You must join to access the video and video comment.

2. Upload video.
3. Open the video:
4. Click "Comments".



URL decode:
URL decode:
Base64 decode:
Change to victim_video_id.
Base64 encode:
URL encode:
URL encode:


Attacker can access the members-only video comment.

PoC video:



05/15/2021 - Bug Found
05/15/2021 - Submit Report
05/17/2021 - Triaged
    Priority: P4 - P2
    Status: New - Assigned
05/21/2021 - 🎉 Nice catch!
    Type: Customer Issue - Bug
    Severity: S4 - S2
    Status: Assigned - Accepted
05/28/2021 - Bounty awarded by Google VRP. ($5,000)
02/07/2022 - Fixed

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