I can see the dislikes count even though is hidden by YouTube | YouTube ($500)


When I read the information about the dislike count will be private on December 13th, waiting to test whether the dislike count is private or not.

On December 15th, I try to test, and that's right, I can see the dislike count even though the dislike count is private.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Go to "YouTube Studio".
  2. Go to "Copyright" ---> "Removal requests".

  3. URL: https://studio.youtube.com/channel/channel_id/copyright/history

  4. Click "New removal request".
  5. Click "Add a video".
  6. Inspect Element ---> Network.
  7. Copy and paste victim video URL to input "YouTube URL of video to be removed.".

  8.     Request:

    [POST] https://studio.youtube.com/youtubei/v1/creator/get_creator_videos



    likeCount:  "victim_video_like_count"
    dislikeCount:  "victim_video_dislike_count"

Will show the dislikes count even though is hidden by YouTube.

PoC video: https://youtu.be/zlcKT3ZzWyk



12/15/2021 - Bug Found
12/15/2021 - Submit Report
12/16/2021 - Triaged
      Status: New - Assigned
      Priority: P4 - P2

- 4 Hours Later -

12/16/2021 - 🎉 Nice catch!
      Type: Customer Issue - Bug
      Severity: S4 - S2
      Status: Assigned - Accepted
01/07/2022 - Bounty awarded by Google. ($500)
03/13/2022 - Fixed
      Status: Accepted - Fixed

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